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CDL VIS is the leading UK provider of vehicle registration mark (VRM) & DVLA vehicle look-up services, well known for its popular consumer service

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Accurate, up-to-the-minute vehicle intelligence

From a VRM, our trusted data tells you everything you need to know - in real time - about a vehicle, from mileage to MOT data, outstanding finance to valuation and any accident and theft history. It acts as the backbone for many bespoke corporate solutions.

Comprehensive vehicle data

With over 200 vehicle data look-up fields, we are licensed providers of information from:

  • The Driver & Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA)
  • The Police National Computer (PNC)
  • The Association of British Insurers (ABI)
  • Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB)
  • The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT)
  • Motor Insurance Anti-fraud & Theft Register (MIAFTR)
  • Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency
  • Thatcham
  • Major Accident Reporting System (MARS)
  • Vehicle Remarketing Association (VRA)

Fast, accurate & scalable

We provide sub-second response times around the clock and a scalable, cloud-based service.

CDL VIS is approved within the Government’s Digital Marketplace for cloud technologies, G-Cloud 12 and CDL has achieved the highest partner tier (Advanced Technology Partner status) for Technology Partners in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN), as it continues to invest in furthering its globally recognised cloud capabilities.

Using AWS PrivateLink, CDL VIS ensures a highly available, scalable technology that allows it to privately connect a customer's VPC (virtual private cloud) to VIS VPC endpoint services. You can read more about our architecture here.

Finance data & asset management

CDL VIS has positive relationships with major finance houses, including the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA), Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA), logbook loan lenders and FleetNet.

We have been FLA associate members for over 10 years.

Big data analysis

We support customers to derive value from their data using our Hummingbird data intelligence solution, capable of analysing millions of records at sub-second speed.

Vehicle Valuations

We provide over 20 million used vehicle valuations per month. Unlike others in the market, CDL boasts an in-house valuation system, which helps our B2B customers access the best VRM look-up data, providing internal efficiencies and, importantly, independence.

Our team of industry experts have built, and maintain, strong relationships with major motor manufacturers and dealer groups. This expertise enables us to provide a premium service, including offering both current and forecast vehicle valuations.

Use Cases

CDL VIS data is deployed for a range of business cases across motor, insurance, finance and other vertical markets.

  • Full provenance check to give people peace of mind when buying a used car

  • Keeper change notification service

  • VIN look-up to identify cloned registration plates and verify a vehicle's true identity

  • Stolen Vehicle Reports from PITO (Police Information Technology Organisation)

  • VRM look-up for B2B applications

  • White label solutions

  • MOT data checks: average mileage insight broken down to the most granular level, including common failure reasons and advisory information

  • Security watch and theft tracking

A Trusted Brand

With comprehensive coverage, CDL VIS holds data on every registered vehicle across the UK and Northern Ireland including Car, LCV, HGV, Motorcycle and Plant, and carry out over one million checks per day for B2B partners.

Our services enable businesses to verify data and gain real insight into the often hidden past of vehicles on the road.

We are part of the CDL Group, a technology services provider and market leader in the highly regulated fintech sector. Resilience and innovation are the cornerstones of our operation and our services are relied upon to power a range of household brands.

1 in 4

Cars have a hidden past

1 in 4

Cars are subject to outstanding finance

1 in 7

Crimes are vehicle-related theft

1 in 16

Vehicles show a mileage discrepancy

Easy Integration

How it works

CDL has extensive experience in providing secure integrations for high volume look-ups, including XML integration via APIs.

Instant Look-up

CDL has access to over 200 fields of data, including make, model, MOT data, valuations data, accident history, outstanding finance and much, much more. Create business rules to return the information relevant to your business needs and your look-up will be processed in sub-second time.

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Make Query

In the majority of cases, vehicle look-ups are based on entry of the VRM. Based on this, businesses are able to pre-populate fields or draw on a vast range of additional data to streamline the customer experience or gain insight for a range of business applications.

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Managing your data


Managing your

CDL VIS offers a range of services to ensure the accuracy of data relating to outstanding finance and provide lenders with real time insight into their portfolio of assets.

Taken together, these combine to give lenders additional protection of their assets and drive efficiency when it comes to managing their portfolio.

For more information on any of these services, please contact us.

Safeguarding your assets

Providing your finance data will ensure a Vehicle Check report flags the vehicle as 'on finance', signifying that a finance provider has an interest in the asset. This is designed to deter prospective buyers who have conducted a check from purchasing the vehicle.

Providing asset finance data also helps to prevent asset conversion fraud and dual financing. For more information on the benefits of registering your data please and guidance on Best Practice for Asset Registration, please click here.

Supplying data is easy and straightforward, with a number of ways in which it can be done, and there are no costs to register finance data with CDL VIS.

Data cleansing

CDL VIS is committed to ensuring that data is up-to-date and accurate, encouraging lenders to run a periodic data cleanse at least once every six months. As well as helping us to keep your portfolio live and current, this in turn ensures that lenders’ assets are protected.

Cleansing your data also saves time and drives efficiency, cutting down the number of calls requesting clearance on vehicles lenders no longer have an interest in.

The first cleanse is typically the most difficult; it may highlight issues from when finance was first recorded, bring to light old agreements that should have been removed or highlight agreements that have not been registered. Once this is complete, however, subsequent cleanses are quicker and easier.


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