DVLA Vehicle Data

CDL’s experience and drive for being innovative has led to the development of a tool to put us at the top of accuracy.

Our DVLA Lookup-up is a simple product that can provide vehicle data, including over 100 fields such as make, model, year of registration, engine size, value, CO2 emissions and ABI Code list 44, all delivered in sub second time,

We can now also supply extensive mileage data gathered from the DVLA and the largest MOT testing company in the UK.

In addition we have extensive high quality valuation data with over 140,000 vehicle records and we aim to provide an accurate valuation for any car, which can be adjusted for mileage and age, when entering the registration number.

Our data can be accessed using our XML Data Feed or Online Lookup System.

Please call 0330 331 0161 for further information and a free trial.